Once upon a time there was a Catalan creative director who lived in New York, an art director, stylist and designer who lived in Barcelona, a 3D artist based in Madrid and a Russian model. Together, and quite often as a virtual community, they managed to mix and match ideas to create another crazy, beautiful parallel universe for the SS22 GAME ON campaign. We wanted to show you how we did it!

Creative director Cristina Fernandez, inspired by her children’s fascination for the world of gaming, set out to create a campaign that explored the avatar in us all. The mission was a challenge that pushed all of our creative boundaries to their limits, required us to take on new ‘skins’, and adapt to technology and design in ways we had never done before.

The result – our GAME ON video campaign. We hope it inspires you, as much as it did us, to be whoever you want to in this game without limits that we call life! Check us out behind the scenes!


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